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How it works

1. Candidates register for

2. Write your profile on My Page and upload a photo
3. It is better to upload the video.
4. Waiting to be scouted.
5. By using LIVECHAT etc., audition applicants can sell at a fixed time. In the meantime, please be able to consult with the scout’s request.
6. The amount of scouting can be determined by candidates.

*As we allow candidates to use LIVECHAT, they don’t have to worried about their personal information to be shown! 

With LIVECHAT (paid plug-in), the audition applicant can sell at a fixed time for an hour or so.


Candidates can ask the company to scout by presenting the amount of price from “Micro Service” when creating a profile.

When you create your profile, please make sure to present the amount of price you would like to be scouted!

You may be scouted by phone through COMECHAT.


You can talk with audition applicants or audition registrants who are currently active.
Audition registrants can earn fans, and earn money via live chat and phone. It is a mechanism to earn income by selling songs, photos, etc.

For Future Models!

In recent years, fashion models have disappeared from magazines, the number of places where they appear on TV and fashion shows has decreased, and YouTube videos have changed to product promotions, video models, and photo (steel) models.
That’s why we create a model appearance place where you can promote the products of the company side to the video appearance!

Tips For Candidates

After new registration If you write a profile, photo, video, self-introduction Pass rate, freelance job requests, more fans, more telephone consultation requests!


The number of followers on SNS is 10 million rather than one, so it is easy to get scouted because it seems to have advertising power. Because, taking live as an example, if a fan is a follower of SNS and posts an article, the one with a large number of followers will be able to fill the venue quickly with tickets sold out. The more followers there are, the easier it is to get scouted, and the easier it is to get a job.

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