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New Audition.

We will propose a “new form of audition” that will reduce the burden on applicants and have many merits! The auditions so far are … In the past, the “company” held auditions. A “company” is, for example, an entertainment production agency, a modeling agency, a theater company, a dance contest, or a live house.

About us

To receive an audition, the individual applicant starts by searching for an audition recruitment on the Internet. You have to search from a huge amount of information individually This is a laborious and time-consuming task. The usual style was for applicants to enter from their smartphones or PCs and pay their own transportation expenses. If you come from afar, you will have to bear the cost of accommodation. Even if you spend such money and pass the first screening safely, you will have to bear the transportation expenses (accommodation expenses if necessary) again in order to undergo the second screening. I don’t know if I will pass, but every time I spend like this. Even though a malicious company may have a winner while soliciting applications. This will not be enough to cover the financial resources, and it is natural that the number of applications for auditions will be reduced or given up. Also, even if you pass the audition You may need to brush up on singing, dancing, acting, posing, speaking, etc. In that case, first of all, you will be enrolled in production etc. and improve each technology. I go to the audition host company or its affiliated company’s school. However, here too, the tuition fee is paid by yourself. Even after passing the exam, you will still need a lot of money. Moreover, just because you attended school does not mean that you are guaranteed to appear. When I actually enrolled, it was different from what I was hearing! That is often the case. There is no place to appear forever. I can’t ask you how to perform. Applicants have such troubles and will devote themselves to honing their skills until their appearance is decided without seeing the future. At the same time, it was a system where I had no choice but to work hard without resting my body, save money, and work hard for my dreams. In other words, many current audition applicants are forced to pay a large amount of money “until they pass” and “after passing”.

we are


Audition applicants first perform "new registration". If you select an audition host company from "My Page" and apply, you will receive a part of the transportation expenses from that company.


You can get "Audition support fee" regardless of whether you pass or fail the audition. (Prices vary depending on each host company, so check the displayed amount.)


If you register in the system, you can use the place where you can display your self-appeal. If you use it well, you will be more likely to be scouted. If you are scouted, you have the advantage of being able to negotiate audition costs.


Registrants can also express their skills and sell them, such as "writing lyrics" and "singing songs and posting them on My Page". Those who can speak English can take advantage of it and approach English-speaking Asia, the United States, and Europe. If you approve, you will be able to produce your own original songs at a price that was unthinkable in the past, or you will be able to produce music videos at a very low price. If you have the motivation, you can distribute major music and videos not only in English-speaking countries but also in the world with a simple examination. This allows you to continue to earn money even after you have been auditioned.


There is also a system for auditioning via internet chat or telephone. It means that you may be able to receive an audition without having to go to the venue. If you don't have to pay for transportation, you will definitely be motivated to take on the challenge.

What you can achieve

There are cases where there is assistance for transportation expenses, and there are cases where transportation expenses are not incurred due to the Internet environment, so the amount of self-pay is considerably reduced! The fact that you can receive support money regardless of whether you pass or fail is a great expectation for maintaining your motivation for audition. Also, the “Scout” function is attractive because you don’t have to move it yourself. Don’t miss the big chance to get people to know you and to be recognized and supported by the world. It’s easy and easy to find and apply for an audition. There is a possibility that you will be called out just by registering. This service is full of benefits. Please register to enhance your page and use it for efficient audition activities!
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